CRMs Help to Develop Your Law Firms

The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology in the legal sector is growing rapidly in Europe. The law firms need to compile information and have all data in a single source for each aspect of business development and client management within the firm in order to stay competitive in today’s economy.

What are the Key Reasons to use a CRM?

Centralise your Customer Data

It will allow you easy tracking and fast integration of any contact you and your legal team may have with an existing or potential client. Growing law firms can no longer afford to ignore the need for a centralized place to manage all the firm’s relationships.

Organize Important Tasks

This point is particularly relevant when you meet a prospective client and you want to be sure to do a proper follow-up. With a CRM, you can set reminder notes to contact him or her and assign deadlines and objectives. Thus you can clearly check on the progress of the follow-up by going online and looking at that customer record. This is particularly beneficial as your firm grows and you struggle to keep up with the increased flow of tasks.

Manage all Documents in one Place

When you have a client you generally have dozens of documents and it’s not easy to classify, retrieve or even share them with your colleagues. With a good CRM, documents can easily be organized in folders and they can be shared with your colleagues, deleted, archived or easily modified.

Automating Marketing Functions

You could think that marketing actions aren’t the core of your business and it’s not worth doing marketing as you already have many other things to do on a daily basis. However, you need “to make noise” about your firm staying in front of potential clients thus when they’ll need a legal team and advise, they’ll think about you first. With a good CRM you can easily automate marketing actions so they won’t take much of your time. For example, it will in fact save you time for prospection and it will essentially allow you to reach more potential clients consistently.

Tracking Every Customer Interaction

If you’re a manager you don’t only need to improve your daily work and how you treat cases, you also need to grow your business and be sure that you and your team transform leads into clients and that you retain these clients. With a CRM you’ll be able to analyze customer service and monitor the activities of your team. It will give you real-time information on the communication between your client and the firm.

The need for a CRM solution grows quickly in the legal ecosystem. Growing law firms can no longer afford to ignore the need for a centralized place to manage all the firm’s relationships. If your business development budgets aren’t being set aside for CRM investment yet you should be focusing on this for the end of the year. If you want more information about CRM for lawyers and our features and services you can always visit our website.