Is It Legal To Search For A Person’s Criminal Record Online?

Yes! Though it may seem like a lot of people still struggle with the concept, it’s been legal for over 50 years! The Freedom of Information Act (1967) allows for the public access of criminal records, as ruled by a court of law.

Court proceedings are regarded as a public event, and are available as transcribed by the court. Criminal records search is permitted and legally acceptable, with very few exceptions, such as when the court has ruled that the public not have access to them.

Ways To Access Criminal Records Online

Since criminal records searches are perfectly OK for anyone to perform, you may be interested in finding the easiest approach for searching those records. Let us look at some of the available options.

Direct Request From The Responsible Institutions

You can write to your local sheriff’s office, or district court, who are responsible for keeping the criminal records. Request their assistance to help you find criminal records, and provide them with the identity of the person you’re checking up on. If you choose this approach, you may be required to send an email to the concerned department. They may require that you fill an online form and pay a service fee for the records to be retrieved. It can also prove to be a lengthy process, taking more time than desired. If you are not familiar with the processes involved, you may receive requests for additional information, requiring you to wait even longer. Some searches can take weeks to get back to you. There will also be a shipping fee.

Criminal Records Search Via Third Party Database

You can also use an intermediary service like SpyFly for criminal record searches online. SpyFly is an interconnected database enabling you to retrieve the criminal records from different states. The process is simple, and takes a few minutes to receive a comprehensive report. Speed of service, in addition to ease of access, are the main advantages of SpyFly. All you need is the full name of the person you’re researching, and a state. Feed the information to the search and you will have the report in seconds. The information provided is typically accurate and comprehensive. It’s also much more affordable than the courts, and readily available at any time, making it the most convenient and legitimate approach for searching criminal records online.

Check For Criminal Records Published Online

In some instances, police and other law enforcement agencies will publish criminal records online. This could be through a social media page or on their own websites. However, this is on rare occasions, and only for dangerous criminals. Always be on the lookout, so as not to miss any publications made by the government agencies and security officers.

How Thorough Are Online Criminal Record Search Platforms?

When you are conducting an online criminal record search, you may be worried about the accuracy of the information you receive.

Criminal Record Online

The online databases operated by third party agencies strive to provide the most updated and accurate information. SpyFly provides information as ruled by the courthouse, ensuring fullness of information. These platforms provide accurate information that is up to date and it is available at any time.

When searching criminal records online, make sure that you provide accurate information. You must enter the correct name of the person, and decide on the search range. Nonetheless, an online search is without a doubt the easiest and most reliable method of researching a criminal record, and SpyFly is the way to go for it.

SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.