The Merits P326A Vision Sport In Perspective

When it comes to mid-drive electric wheelchairs, the Merits P326A stands out from its competition. The six ground contact points make this chair incredibly stable, and you will not feel like you are not safe with this power wheelchair.

It is so stable that you can stand upright on the footrest without fear of tipping the entire chair over. This will give you more confidence to move around safely, regardless of whether you have a physical disability or are getting old.

The mid-drive technology of this electric wheelchair offers exceptional mobility when in confined spaces while maintaining a low center of gravity. This contributes to a smooth and stable ride both inside and out.

The front wheels have Merit’s patented link mechanisms, while the two rear wheels provide additional stability, particularly on uneven ground. The P326A has a clear and stable center of gravity.

This wheelchair has two in-line motors, which improve the efficiency, torque, range and performance of this mid-wheel drive wheelchair. They are also equipped with a sophisticated braking mechanism that prevents from rolling when stationary.

It also recovers the kinetic energy lost during braking and returns this energy to the batteries, extending the autonomy of the electric chair. Though the P326A cannot fold, we have an excellent array of folding power wheelchairs.

This power wheelchair includes a padded captain’s seat that is comfortable and adaptable. There are two levers on the right side of the seat. The first allows easy control of the backrest angle. The second is for seat rotation, which allows you to turn the seat to the side for easier access. In addition, the seat back can be manually changed to a variety of positions.

The seat armrests fold down for easy access to the chair. They can also be adjusted horizontally and vertically to suit the rider’s needs for maximum comfort.

The P326A Vision Sport is a robust and very stable mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair. Its features are adjustable for each rider and its six-wheel design offers unmatched support and maneuverability.

Merits Health’s Vision Sport electric wheelchair has two in-line motors to improve efficiency, torque, range and performance. Vision Sport is one of the most stable electric wheelchairs available at 300 pounds capacity.

The footrest is designed not to lean forward. The six wheels increase stability, making the Vision Sport Power wheelchair one of the best on the market and one of our favorites.

At Electric Wheelchairs USA, we truly love helping our customers make the best choice for their needs whether it is a power chair, mobility scooter, or lift chair.