Types Of Family Disputes That Require The Help Of A Family Lawyer

Most families want to keep things smooth between them, but not everything is glitter and  glamour. At some point in time, disagreements start happening in the household. While some of them get resolved within the family, there are certain situations that require external interventions. This is where a family lawyer comes to the rescue. In this article, we will discuss which types of disputes need assistance from a family lawyer:


This is the most common dispute which requires assistance from a family lawyer. Disagreement between married couples sometimes crosses the limit which makes it impossible for them to stay together and decide to terminate their marriage. In such circumstances, the family lawyer mediates between the couples to counsel them and avoid divorce. But if that does not work out then he helps them file for the divorce. Family lawyers assist the couples for a seamless process of the divorce while making them understand the complete process and its consequences. The family lawyer is also responsible for post-divorce settlement between both parties.

Alimony and Maintenance

During the process of divorce when the couples are dependent on each other financially or in any other way, then the family lawyer ensures that the eligible party gets adequate support from the suitable side. Support can be in the form of a one-time settlement which is known as Alimony or in the form of monthly maintenance.

Custody of Children

If the couples have applied for divorce, they can additionally apply to obtain legal custody of their children. Custody of children obliges either of the parents to maintain, raise and care for the children. The family lawyer from either side is responsible for representing the parents in court to get custody of the children. In addition to this, the family lawyer can also facilitate any modifications in the custody agreement as and when required by the couple.

Child Adoption

Any couple who chooses the noble deed of adopting a child instead of conceiving one can take complete assistance from a family lawyer. The family lawyer assists in the preparation and filing of all the important and necessary documentation required for the adoption process. The family lawyers guide the couples during the entire adoption process of the child.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is gradually increasing across the globe. Every law entitles the victims of domestic violence to receive proper protection against any kind of threat or danger. The family lawyer helps domestic violence victims by representing them in court and assures adequate protection against their abuser.

Final Thoughts

A family lawyer plays an important role in marriage-related affairs and the conflicts which emerge from them. However, besides this, family lawyers also offer legal assistance in other issues which arise between the families like business issues, property issues, etc. In short, the family lawyer works closely with the family and helps them in the best viable method as and when required