What is the Definition of Child Abduction?

According to a reliable source, the definition of child abduction is; “Child abduction or child theft is the unauthorized seizure of a minor (a child under the age of legal adulthood) from the custody of the child’s natural parents or legally appointed guardians.” So, technically anybody who takes a child from one place to another without the consent of the legal guardian is likely to be considered a child abductor.

Child Abduction Facts

Most child abductions are a result of a domestic dispute where a family member takes the child away from the parent, or parents. Many cases are when a parent takes the child away from the other parent. A very small percentage of child abductions are because of a stranger kidnapping the kid. However, as small as that number is it is not a small thing. When a sicko takes a child and hurts it, even only one, it is horrible. 

Stopping Abductions Before They Happen

Although it is probably not possible to stop domestic disputes and children getting caught in the crossfires of them it is possible to identify potential threats from strangers and stop them before they even get a chance to happen. Kids Live Safe is an organization that has the sole mission to keep children safe from sexual predators. They provide solutions and tools to keep families and loved ones informed about potential dangers that could arise within the area that they live in.

Kids Live Safe Provides:

  • Access to over 350 million people records
  • Access to over 750,000 registered sex offender records
  • Access to over 500 million phone records
  • Data from multiple sources exceeding government-operated sex offender registry sites

Easily Discover Threats In Your Neighborhood

Finding possible sexual predators in your area is probably much easier than you believe. You can search for registered sex offenders or other threats and get information within minutes. You can type your address, or somebody else’s address into the search bar from anywhere. By being a member of Kids Live safe you can simply:

  • Use Mobile Device’s GPS to Spot Risks
  • Search by City, Zip Code, or Address
  • View Complete Offender Details
  • Get Quick Results

Other Useful Information that Kids Live Safe Provides

Kids Live Safe gives you access to public information. It doesn’t stop with just registered sex offender information. Every bit of arrest or conviction information is available within the databases. If there were any financial or criminal problems in the past, this information would be available as well. Public records are a wide variety of events that have been recorded for government purposes. This means that any information that is available regarding a person, or business is most likely stored in our databases. All public information is visible to anybody unless specifically stated otherwise by law. Your search could reveal information such as:

  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Possible Relatives
  • Possible Associates
  • Financial History
  • Possible Employers
  • Possible Affiliations

Learn More Today

Kids Live Safe was deeply inspired by the story of Megan Kanka. She was abducted, raped, and murdered by a convicted sex offender in her neighborhood when she was 7 years old. Nobody wants to have to live through a terrible tragedy. Crimes like this can be avoided by knowing facts. Having access to the most powerful and comprehensive databases in the world is an invaluable tool for the concerned parents out there who want to keep their children safe from sex offenders. Visit Kids Live Safe today and get started with making your neighborhood a safer place.