How Is Alimony Determined After A Divorce

Knowing that they will be divorced, before the defendants for alimony, many hide the property, as well as the monetary income, so as not to “come up” in the court as the money basis for determining alimony. Michelle Johal is a law company that will help you with any issue you are trying to resolve.

The official position of the law when it comes to child support and care for a child (this problem is regulated by the Family Law) is that parents must provide him with quality living conditions – at least such a standard of living for a child who is enjoying a parent who pays for support.

Legislation on this topic is more than clear and fairly sharp, however, when it comes to the implementation of laws in the work, due to numerous situations, the law slightly shifts the boundaries and clings to the frames of concrete, separate situations.

Necessities are cases where the divorced parties split into hostile relationships and it is impossible to discuss the amount of the alimony amount without the presence of higher authorities (court, lawyer).

For those who are not sure what their rights are, in consultation with lawyers dealing with Family Law, as well as with data from the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, we have highlighted things that should be known to anyone planning to sue for alimony, more precisely, supporting themselves or a child.

The law prescribes the amount of alimony in the amount not less than 15% and not more than 50% of the amount of the regular income of the respondent. Both parents are required to support the child. Also, in most cases, the child belongs to the mother, although there are exceptions.

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If the alimony is granted to more than one child, these money frames continue to be valid, and it is a matter of mutual agreement between the parties and / or the court about how much of the child will receive this final sum. For example, if the children are two, and the amount of alimony for both is $1000, that sum for two children can be divided in the range from 100 to 900, 200 to 800, etc.

If a former spouse entered a new marital union when he was sued for alimony, the amount of alimony he would give could be decided on the basis of only his or her receiving or receiving him and his new spouse. The law is allowed both, and the decision falls on the moral inclination of the judge on how he will look at the situation and what will be considered best for the child to receive the money.

The court can also deal with the debtor’s ability to account for more than what he has shown as the basis for living. It is possible, for example, that he has a huge house that he could issue, sell or refuse to work for.

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