5 Online Galleries Where Amazing Israeli Artworks Can Be Purchased

5 Online Galleries Where Amazing Israeli Artworks Can Be Purchased

If you have gone far too long with bare walls, it is time to consider purchasing some Jewish artwork to breathe some life into your space. Regardless of whether you are looking for paintings or Judaica objects, there is no shortage of places (or online galleries) to shop in Israel.

Looking for some direction? Browse our selection of the top 5 online galleries with impressive art selections for sale. You are sure to find an amazing piece to add to your existing collection.

This is your chance to support aspiring and emerging Israeli artists and artists that have been affected by CoVID-19 restrictions.

1. Israeli Art Market

Israeli Art Market (https://www.israeliartmarket.com/) is an online gallery that works with emerging Israeli artists and photographers. The website is home to one of the largest collections of contemporary Art and Judaica,originating from Israel and worldwide. Some of the artwork showcased on the website include original art, Judaica art, lithographs, and quality fine art prints. All artworks featured on the online gallery come with a certification of authenticity and are sent to you directly from the artist’s studio.

2. Ahuva.com

Ahuva.com is one of the oldest online Judaica stores; founded in 1995. The eCommerce website was launched in 1998. The company is dedicated to supporting the Israeli economy by connecting Israeli and Jewish artists with art curators and collectors.Their collection of artworks is quite varied in style and media and includes Judaica objects, occasion gifts as well as home and office décor.

3. Art Source

Art Source (https://www.artsource.online/) is yet another online platform that features work made by contemporary Israeli artists. It was founded by Sarah Peguine and Michael Freedman who sought to create an online home for anyone who looked to be a part of the contemporary Israeli art community. Artworks featured on the website are carefully curated to feature a variety of skill levels, including photography, paintings, and sculptures.

4. ArtBeat

ArtBeat(https://www.artbeat.co.il/Eng/) is another great place to buy artwork online. The website offers an extensive digital collection of Israeli art, including original paintings, reproductions, sculptures and photography. It also offers support for emerging Israeli contemporary artists by featuring art that is made with exceptional skill and a rare gift to those who collect it.

5. Menucha Page

Menucha Page (https://www.menuchapagefineart.com/) is a contemporary Israeli artist whose art gallery is located in Jerusalem. She also has an online gallery that makes viewing and ordering artwork easy.

Menucha Pageobtainedher art education from the NewYork Institute for Photography and studied under the direction of Rivka Bergson. Her art contains mixed media, including painting, metalwork, photography, and the plastic arts.