Paralegals Explain about Driving Without Insurance in Ontario, Canada

The first thing every driver in Canada should know is that driving without proper insurance is not legal. Although this is not considered a criminal offense, you may still have to bear strict consequences when the police arrest you while driving without insurance. This may be because of the risk that driving with no insurance will address you and your passengers during driving. However, if you didn’t have insurance when driving and you have been caught, you may have to defend yourself in a legal case, and it is best to hire a paralegal to help you pass this legal case successfully. Insurance is something necessary for you and your family to be protected from many dangers while driving.

Does It Happen a Lot? 

According to the statistics, almost two percent of drivers drive on the streets of Canada without insurance. This is a vast number since the number of drivers in Canada is more than what you expect. Two percent of drivers in Canada means 170,000 of the whole drivers go without insurance.

What Will Happen If You Get Arrested Without an Insurance? 

When you are pulled over by police while driving and don’t have the required insurance, the police may let you continue driving if you can prove that you just didn’t bring the insurance with you. But if you fail to prove, satta matka the police can even stop your car and don’t let you continue your way. Anyway, there can be fines and penalties for driving without insurance.

What Are the Consequences for Driving without an Insurance? 

Paralegals argue that when you are convicted of driving with no insurance, there are some consequences considered for you:

  • Your driver’s license suspension from 30 days to a year
  • Fines and penalties
  • Your car is impounded for almost three month

When you are convicted for driving without insurance, it gets more challenging to have insurance once again. Only high-risk insurance companies will provide you with the documents you need. When you have been convicted for not having insurance while driving, ask a paralegal for legal help to convince the court not to get significant fines and penalties.


How Much Will Be the Fine? 

In many paralegals’ opinions, the amount of money you should pay as a fine or traffic tickets depends on how many times you have repeated the offense. If this is the first offense for you, the penalty will at least be $5,00 to $25,000. But the amount of penalty for the second and third time will increase up to $10,000 to $50,000.

Can You Drive Somebody’s Else Car without Insurance? 

The insurance does not need to be for yourself when you borrow somebody else’s car with insurance. Driving in this way is totally acceptable for you. But it should be mentioned in the insurance that it is extended to anyone who drives the car.

What Will Happen if You Have an Accident without an Insurance? 

In case you are involved in an accident without having insurance, you will be responsible for compensating for both accident sides.