Applying Leadership Tests for Dynamic Marketing Change at Law Firms

Law Firms Needs Marketing Change

It is not easy to change the status quo, or bring about fundamental changes within an organization. This is especially true for Law firms Dubai. But change is essential to your success. These are the questions that a firm steeped deeply in tradition and culture must address. You must be careful. Particularly if the law firm’s marketing partner is driving it. The ability to drive change can lead to profound professional and personal rewards. This requires a clear vision of your firm’s identity. This is what I call firm sculpting, which is creating the ideal image for your company.

It is important to create a new image that clients love and that drives success for the firm. True leadership is required for this to happen. That’s where the problem lies. True leaders are able to communicate a vision and inspire others. True leaders are honest and open-minded. They can see the truth in people’s lives and help them discover the possibilities. They inspire others to achieve their highest goals with confidence. True leaders can make a difference in your company’s ability to change. Your firm will not make significant improvements without a strong leader who can push for change and enlist rather than alienate others.

Finding a leader in your organization is the first step to bringing about change. After you have committed to seeing the world change, take a look around and consider who is leading. (The answer might be as close to your reflection in a mirror as you are to the truth. After the leader has been chosen, whether it’s the senior partner or the junior partner who is willing and able to support the process of selection, the next step is to identify the other key players within your firm.

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Forming Team by Observing Core Employees Values

Next, you need to identify the core members of your team–the inner circles. The inner circle is composed of key partners, and in some cases, high-ranking administrators. The likelihood of bringing about significant change at the root level is greatly diminished if they are not on board. They must be brought onboard as soon as possible. However, the firm must first address a serious problem. It must determine if the core power base, or inner circle, includes what is known as a toxic partner. A single “Toxic” can cause the death of even the most ambitious and brilliant plans.

Firms Opportunities and Threats and Basic Vision

After the leaders and inner circle are identified, and toxic issues have been addressed, your leader should set up meetings to identify the firm’s challenges and values. Then you can begin to create a vision for the future of the company. To keep things moving, it is a good idea to bring in a facilitator.
It is not difficult to discover your firm’s values. If you want to inspire your clients and the firm, the values of your firm must be inspiring for the partners. The inner circle should be able to identify the values that move them and inspire them when they envision the firm.

These values should be appealing to them on a deep level and not just sound good. Many partners (and professional marketers) will come up with meaningless phrases such as “We live for service.” This is not the standard to which your firm’s inspirational values should be held.

These values should be tangible and quantifiable. The first thing to determine is whether they trigger a positive emotion that drives action. When the inner circle values are strong enough, endorphins and enthusiasm will kick in. This will motivate people to take action.