Top Tips on Managing the last 7 Days to Your Cissp Exam

With only 7 days to your CISSP exam, ideally you have to cover the entire CISSP syllabus from the official ISC2 CISSP book. In addition, if you have completed at least 1,500 CISSP practice questions, you are on the right path. So, now you will know the area where you need to polish your knowledge, and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

However, if this is not the case, do you continue with the CISSP exam? If you do not meet the criteria above, maybe you should consider delaying your exam for now until you have completed more time study and aiming to meet this benchmark. On the other hand, if you meet the criteria, read on! Below are our main tips to manage the last 7 days to your CISSP exam.

7 Days to Go …

At this point you still have to continue learning throughout the agreed study plan developed with your mentor. Ideally, it is more focused on revising your old practice questions, especially those with the wrong answers corrected than working to resolve new questions. Talk to your mentor and get all your doubts and / or tremendous questions you are clarified and answered. At this time, make sure you have finished reading the CISSP revision material. If you don’t have revised material, please contact us and we will share some revised ingredients with you.

5 to 6 Days For …

Start do not prioritize your office work and only focus on CISSP Certification. Revise all your personal notes and CissP questions – this helps significantly if you can practice the CISSP test for the complete final exam style. You will easily find CISSP practice exams as part of the CISSP book or contact us.

3 to 4 Days to Go …

Continue! Honestly, continue to revise all your personal records and questions including what you make errors and have corrections. In addition, understand what you have learned from the CISSP practice exam you did before in terms of managing time, your concept is not clear, and the silly error you made.

How to Earn the CISSP Certification: Cost, Requirements and Study Tips

1 to 2 Days For …

First, take a deep breath and relax. Being stressed and anxious about your exam will only harm you.

For the next 2 days, focus on reading some of your keynote and summary points provided at the end of each domain of the ISC2 CISSP book. Also, book reviews that you have entered into your study preparation. No more than this is needed at this stage. Make sure you have all your equipment ready for you to take with your exam, including drinks, namely halls / entrance tickets, pencils, pens, calculators, dictionaries, chocolate, muffins, bottled water, etc. Most, try to get a night’s sleep in readiness for the exam day.

This is an Exam Day!

Try to relax maybe and feel confident in what you have learned. If there is a possibility of being trapped in traffic on your travel or parking it might be a problem in your examination, take public transportation. The purpose of arriving at the exam hall is at least 30 minutes before the start of your exam. Remember, aiming to do the best, that’s all that anyone can ask.

CISSP CERTIFICATION (ISC) ² Certified Information (ISC) has become one of the most popular Cybersecurity certification and in demand in the years after the original introduction in 1994. (ISC) ² an active membership report of more than 167,000 practitioners – around 85 % of it is CISSPS.

For anyone who wants to get their CISSP certificate and become part of this elite club, there is a clear reason CISSP is very valuable: this is a difficult test. Although the pass rate for CISSP is not released publicly, it is widely assumed that the pass rate is far below 50%. The CISSP exam is designed to evaluate your in-depth technical and managerial competencies in eight diverse domains. In other words, it’s difficult and there are many ingredients. Adding insults to injuries, CISSP content and test formats (now adaptive cat formats) have changed in the past two years and will update again in 2021, making them have provided more to digest.

Willing and eager to hope to quickly turn to learn to get this coveted certificate. Unfortunately, evidence shows that not all forms of learning equalize the success of the standard exam, including CISSP. Don’t make the test harder than existing; Help yourself and avoid general studies and traps this exam.