Been Charged with a Crime? How to Avoid a Felony Conviction?

Been Charged with a Crime? How to Avoid a Felony Conviction?

If you’re arrested and charged with a crime, it’s easy to panic. Understandably, many people are unsure what action to take following an arrest, which often results in them talking to the police and making inadvertent admissions of guilt. Following this, it can be difficult to repair the damage that has been done, which is why it’s vital to seek legal advice before disclosing any information.

By taking a strategic approach post-arrest, you can minimize the situation as much as possible and obtain a beneficial outcome. To learn more, take a look at how a criminal defense lawyer can help you to avoid a felony conviction:

Get Your Charges Dropped

In order to prosecute, the state needs to meet certain evidential rules and criteria. Even if you’ve been arrested, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the case will proceed to trial. If the district attorney decides there’s not enough evidence to prosecute you, for example, the charges may be dropped, and you’ll face no further action.

Your criminal defense lawyer will be central to making this happen. While the police may imply that they have a wealth of evidence against you, your lawyer will be able to determine how much of this evidence is admissible in court. In many instances, it’s possible for an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Miami to successfully attest that the charges should be dropped when there isn’t enough evidence for the state to move forward.

Get Charges Reduced

If you’re facing a felony conviction, getting your charges reduced to misdemeanor can be a beneficial outcome. Although a misdemeanor is still a criminal offense, it doesn’t impact your life in the same way as a felony. To learn more about the impact a felony conviction can have on you, take a look at this blog post from

When felony charges are reduced to a misdemeanor, you’ll face less harsh punishments and fines. Furthermore, the impact of a misdemeanor on your professional and personal life is much lighter than a felony conviction.

Seal a Conviction

If you’ve already been found guilty of a felony, you may be unsure how you can rebuild your life afterwards. Once released from prison, you will inevitably face an uphill battle when it comes to employment and housing. Despite this, it is possible to overcome the challenges a felony conviction presents.

Having your conviction expunged, or sealed, is one way to limit the impact it has on your future. Instead of being a matter of public record, the details of your arrest and subsequent conviction will remain private when they are expunged, which means they needn’t prevent you from rebuilding your life post-conviction.

Dealing with Criminal Charges

Although there are many ways to deal a potential felony charge, they all involve getting legal advice. By invoking your rights and seeking assistance from an attorney as soon as possible after your arrest, you can ensure you’re in the best position to minimize the situation and have the charges against you dropped or reduced to a more minor offence.