Is It Healthy to Put Off a Divorce Until Children Are Older?

It’s not uncommon for unhappy spouses to stick together for their children’s sake. Many spouses believe that divorcing could harm their children’s well-being, so they choose to remain married for the benefit of their children. But is it healthy to postpone a divorce for your children’s sake? In some situations, it is better for a child to have two happy parents living separately than live in a home with constant conflict.

Divorce is always a personal decision, and no one else can make it besides you or your spouse. You can, however, learn more about the divorce process from an experienced Murfreesboro divorce lawyer.

Why Unhappy Couples Stick Together for Their Kids

There is no specific age when divorce becomes less difficult for children. Some young kids handle divorce relatively well, while some adult children are devastated when their parents split. That said, many spouses decide to try to stick it out until the kids have left the house.

While the emotional health of your child is likely at the forefront of this decision, other factors for staying together might include:

  • You don’t want to miss their daily time with your children;
  • You don’t want another person to marry your ex-spouse and raise your children;
  • You want to avoid having to pay child support;
  • You don’t want your child to blame and resent you or take sides with your ex-spouse if you split up.

Considering the Effects of Divorce on Children

Research shows that divorce affects children of different ages in several ways. Children below five years are the most vulnerable to divorce’s devastating effects. Their minds are in formative stages, and they might have a difficult time understanding what is happening or why their family is no longer together. Affected kids might manifest one or more of these symptoms after divorce:

  • They become fussier or inconsolable;
  • Kids become more clingy or insecure near custodial parents or around new people;
  • Showing anger and temper-control issues;
  • Missed critical developmental milestones or regression to previous ones;
  • Insomnia;
  • A sense of guilt;
  • Trauma that produces lasting memories and confusing emotions.

However, you should not always decide to stay in an unhappy relationship to prevent the above. Should you decide to move forward with a divorce, always watch for signs that your child might benefit from a child or family therapist.

There are some situations in which it can be necessary to get a divorce, even if you don’t want your kids to go through it. This can be the case if your spouse is abusive and puts you and/or your child’s health and safety at risk. Also, if your spouse has substance abuse or mental health issues that might be harmful to your child, it might not be healthy for you to stay in the marriage.

Discuss Your Options with a Murfreesboro Divorce Attorney

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